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Livestreaming has been a great opportunity to get back outside again and rediscover some of the places that I love around our local area in Dorset.

With each stream, I’m trying to push the boundaries to explore what is possible. It’s one thing to be inside putting on an event, but playing outside in the elements is a totally different experience – and a great one!!

So going to the ruined church at Knowlton Circles, I thought it would be cool to take some small uplighters with us to illuminate the church around me as the sun went down.

You’ll also notice that I’m starting to take more instruments out with me as well. I’m really keen to see what it’s like to improvise around the music as much as possible because every setting is different (the wind, sun, temperature, atmosphere)…

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Lockdown has really made me appreciate even more what a beautiful place I live in. So this summer I’m going to be highlighting some of our local beauty spots in Dorset with some live electronic music sets.

Here I am live from the Powder House Ruins on the seafront in Poole Harbour. It’s a beautiful place to live even without the sunset … !

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Loved putting together this project for Poole Audi. Originally the soundtrack was going to pre-recorded, but in the end it ended up being easier (and more fun!) to perform it live… You can just about see me in the middle. In total we had 8 projectors laid out across the showroom, all dynamically triggered by me as I performed the music.

The concept was the Elements of Audi. The History. The Design. The Engineering. The Experience. The Passion. The Emotion.

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Wonderful to be asked to return to St John’s Heatherlands as part of the 60th Anniversary of their Pre-School. As part of this, I was asked to write a nursery rhyme for the children to sing (which they did last summer!) – and then we put on a special performance of Songs Of The Light this winter.

As well as the music, I had a series of filmed open conversations with local residents to explore the local community. These conversations were projected and displayed out at various stages of the performance.

Joining me for this performance was Stephanie Liney on recorder and poet Peter John Cooper.

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Seeing Christmas In A Different Light

A free event suitable for all ages.

Drop in any time between 6pm & 9pm on Thursday 19th December to experience St Peter’s Parkstone Church, Poole, Dorset BH14 0NN transformed into a beautiful reflective space. Richard will be playing a variety of quiet Christmas music to accompany the inside of the church covered in immersive moving projections. The event is completely free and you can drop in anytime between 6pm and 9pm for as long as you like.
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With highlights from the recent Salisbury Cathedral performance and brand new music, artist and composer Richard McLester returns with a spectacular multimedia performance!

The concert includes highlights from Richard’s previous project in Salisbury Cathedral which was featured by BBC News, The Times, Daily Mail & Sky News.

Artist & Musician Richard McLester

“I’m really looking forward to this as there have been some very exciting developments in our technology over the last 6 months.

We have our brand new wireless film projection system that we’ll be trialing publicly for the first time. Essentially it allows us to wirelessly put film & digital content onto any screen within a 400 metre radius, all syncronised to music…

But the real trick has been to make all of our projections adapt to a live scenario. That means that as a performer, I am completely free and in command of all of the music, lights AND film projections! As an artist, that’s so exciting as the new possibilities are endless – it’s like opening up an entirely new world!”

Richard McLester

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On 4th December 2018, over 150 singers from Salisbury joined Richard on under the giant illuminated globe for Songs Of The Light in Salisbury Cathedral. This video sums up what the project was all about…

More Photos

‘The Light’, a huge illuminated globe hung from the Spire Crossing for just over 10 weeks. To see all the photos from the show, art installation and behind the scenes, click the button below…
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On 4th February 2017, over 250 singers from Romsey joined Richard McLester to perform Songs Of The Light under THE LIGHT, a giant illuminated art installation. The full film contains the journey of The Light as well as behind the scenes footage. The interviews with the local community in Romsey taken at the end of 2016 will also be included. The film also highlights issues surrounding Mental Health, one of the main themes of the project in Romsey. The full film will be released for free onto YouTube. We hope it will allow those who took part the chance to relive the performance, and discover more about how the project came to be.
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Songs Of The LightThe new CD Songs Of The Light is finally here! Written to be performed as the launch of the art installation The Light, the songs follow the journey of the mythical figure Sulac as he goes in search of the light. The cd booklet contains all of the words to the music, as well as photos from the launch of The Light in Poole, Dorset. All of the music has been written and recorded by Richard McLester. St Peter’s Parkstone Parish Choir & Treble Soloist Zach Bullock appear on The Lowly Candle Flame (Track 10). The CD also includes songs such as Stars (Lead Me On) and Escape From The Flood. All money raised from CD Sales will go directly back into the ongoing project “The Light” to help put on future community events, and fund workshops & mentoring sessions for those who get involved.
Read more about Songs Of The Light, click here…
To buy Songs Of The Light, click here…