The artistic installation, titled Lumin-Essence is a giant advent wreath (measuring 4 metres in diameter) evoking memories of the fallen during the world wars. lumin-essence-advent-wreath [Above] Image taken of Lumin-Essence during the film shoot for The Lowly Candle Flame. Image by Dave Taylor. In May 2014, Richard McLester was inspired by an old prayer mat which had the Star of David sewn into it. The final design consisted of a double star wreath with the central smaller wreath able to be lowered to the ground. This enabled the candles on the wreath to be lit and then to travel upwards through a mass of barbed wire and poppies before resting triumphantly above the whole nave of the church. The structure measured 4 metres in diameter, weighed over 100kg and was suspended from columns reaching over 10 metres from the ground. Press Coverage The wreath received a lot of local press including a live feature on BBC TV South Today News as well as BBC Radio Solent.


Tim Daykin _ BBC Radio SolentClick below to hear Richard speaking on BBC Radio Solent about the advent wreath… (includes extracts of The Lowly Candle Flame, written by Richard McLester & sung by treble soloist Zach Bullock)
Building The Wreath Richard’s design was made into reality by a team of volunteers including Jon Dowty, Mike Wallis and Dave Taylor.
The Lowly Candle Flame To accompany the wreath, Richard also composed a new piece of music called The Lowly Candle Flame which was premiered at Carols By Candlelight at St Peter’s Parkstone on December 7th 2014. The piece has been recorded along with a short film featuring the Lumin-Essence wreath and is currently in production.
This project was proudly being sponsored by Coleman Insurance Brokers and Lumin-Essence Candle & Gift Shop