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In 2015, artist Richard McLester and a small team designed and built The Light. The art installation, which is a 4 metre diameter globe of light hung in Poole Dolphin Shopping Centre 10 weeks over the 2015 Christmas period. All of the 22 minute film was shot, edited, coloured and produced by Conical Sphere Media as part of the Conical Sphere Music project.
THE LIGHT Live Performance, Poole.
On 26th November 2015, the installation was launched with a concert showcase of Songs Of The Light – led by Richard performing with a community choir that was put together especially for the event. During the event, a series of interviews with local community members was projected onto the globe. The full film includes footage from the concert, interviews that were projected out onto The Light as well as footage from The Lowly Candle Flame, which features Lumin-Essence, the double hanging Christmas Wreath which had been designed by Richard McLester the year previously. This footage features choristers from St Peter’s Parkstone Parish Choir and musicians from Wessex Youth Orchestra.
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Richard explains in a short film what you can expect from the upcoming project…
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