Sea Music Sculpture Livestream

Ever since we started livestreaming, I had in mind that the iconic sculpture on Poole Quay would make a great location to perform.

And so for the last livestream of 2020, we headed down to Poole Quay and Docks to make it happen…

The sculpture was “gifted” to Poole in 1991 by the internationally acclaimed sculptor Sir Anthony Caro. It recently received a make-over and personally it’s one of my favourite things on Poole Quay. Probably just because the viewing platform really lets you look out over the boats coming into the port.

Both musically and technically, this livestream kicked off a number of firsts for us. If you watch the film, even though it’s dark you’ll notice that the only people you can see are myself and Sam the cameraman.

What’s that?! No broadcast equipment, no drone flyer? …

That’s right! We’ve spent the last few weeks working on making the whole system wireless so that the livestreams are easier to setup and focus more on the performer in the location.

We developed this setup after we went to The Agglestone deep in the heart of the Purbeck countryside. After several hours of lugging kit through mud & gorse, we decided we’d save our backs and come up with a different, less arduous solution!

So we’re quite excited to see where this will lead us. Hopefully a lot more creative locations!

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