Work on Lumin-Essence Wreath begins

Lumin-Essence-Wreath_webWork on the sculpture for the 2014 Carols By Candlelight service at St Peter’s Parkstone has begun. Called Lumin-Essence, the design involves two independent double stars (or Star of David’s) with a large candle suspended within the centre.

With the diameter of the outer star at 4 metres, design allows for either part of the wreath to be lowered to the ground.

“This will allow us to light 4 advent candles around the wreath every Sunday in the build up to Christmas” explains Richard McLester, the artist behind the sculpture. “It will also enable us to bring the central candle all the way to the floor, light it and then float it high in the nave of the church.”

Members of St Peter’s, Parkstone congregation Jon Dowty and Mike Wallis have taken up the task of making the sculpture reality, with more volunteers coming in later in the month to help decorate the sculpture with hundreds of poppies and barbed wire.

[Above] Jon and Mike begin the building of Lumin-Essence. The structure gives a total diameter of 4m.

This project is proudly being sponsored by Coleman Insurance Brokers and Lumin-Essence Candle & Gifts

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