Farewell to St Peter’s Parkstone

Although I have kept this website for more personal artistic projects, over the last 14 years I’ve been in charge of running the music at my local church St Peter’s Parkstone. Sadly, it would seem that this has now come to an end.

As sometimes music speaks louder than words, I recorded a short improvised response using the piano and organ. Listening back, I felt like the title ‘From Darkness To Light’ seemed relatively apt. Hopefully it provides inspiration for anybody looking to explore features of St Peter’s that would otherwise have been lost with my departure.

I’ve also recorded a personal farewell & response below, including a challenge to the community in Parkstone going forwards…

As I believe in transparency, I’ve published this message here so that it is readily available.

A transcript of my recorded message can be seen in an open letter to St Peter’s Parkstone available below:

Read The Letter (PDF)

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